How to Create a Metropolitan Bedroom Design

metropolitan bedroom

Designing a contemporary metropolitan bedroom is like ordering a chocolate soufflé and adding a touch of whipped cream on top. The designer look rests in the underlying furnishings, and the small but tasty accessories add a bit of eccentricity to the décor. A metropolitan bedroom is a combination of contemporary decorative trends mixed with urban influence. The result is a modern bedroom that is sleek and sophisticated in its visual appeal. To create this interior design, the furniture must be high quality and streamlined with a touch of surface decoration. A few practical suggestions will get you on your way to the contemporary metro design that you desire.

Innovative Technology must be incorporated into the Bedroom

A contemporary metropolitan bedroom is only as good as the technology that it instills in the décor of the room. An urban bedroom must incorporate innovative technology into the actual design and visual appeal of the room. A large plasma TV screen hung on the primary wall or a surround sound speaker system contained within the walls are just a couple of suggestions for an innovative design. Technology is not just an addition to a metropolitan bedroom design; it is a primary focus. Even your alarm clock and computer should look like the newest and most modern pieces of technology.

Clean Straight Lines must intensify the Metro Design

Contemporary metropolitan design is sleek and streamlined with a focus on the clean and sophisticated decorating trends of the late 20th century. Any upholstery used on furniture in the bedroom should be flat or pleated, and the bed coverings should maintain a level and non-fluffy appearance. The throw pillows, shams, and bed skirt must also maintain the straight lines and sleek appearance that is so pertinent to the impact of the metropolitan bedroom. Specifically, these linear decorative options should focus on neutral colors like white, black, brown, and tan. In addition, streamlined window treatments like shades, blinds, and sleek solid colored panels can be incorporated into the contemporary metropolitan design.

Metallic Fixtures must dramatize the Simple and Elegant Appeal of the Bedroom

Light fixtures, decorative accessories, and basic pieces of wall art should be made from or framed in metal. Some of the metals that make the most dramatic effect in the elegant metropolitan bedroom include chrome, brushed nickel, silver, and aluminum. In keeping with a simple and uncluttered appearance, the decorative accessories and pieces of wall art should be used sparingly. For example, one lamp, an alarm clock, and a small-brushed metal accessory are all you need on your end table. If you happen to have exposed metal beams or ducts, then keep those as a visible element to the room. Metallic fixtures dramatize the elegant appeal of the metropolitan bedroom. A metropolitan bedroom is a combination of contemporary interior design and urban influence. The result is a modern bedroom that is sleek, sophisticated, and technologically sound.