How to Make Bath Towels Soft Again

soft your bath towels again

Once the softness is gone

Brand new high-quality bath towels are soft and exceptionally plush. They are also very absorbent and warm after stepping out of the shower or bath. In time, even the softest bath towels begin to get stiff and rough. They also lose their absorbency, and they sometimes retain a sour smell, even after a single use. If you would like to make your bath towels soft again, consider the following easy washing and drying tips. Products designed to soften fabric sometimes do just the opposite, but these natural remedies will help make bath towels soft again and save them from ending up in the rag pile.

Do Not Overfill the Washing Machine

When looking for ways to make bath towels soft again, do not overfill the washing machine. The fabric must be able to move freely to remove body oil, leftover soap scum, and anything else that makes towels rough and less absorbent. Place just two or three bath towels and two hand towels in the machine at once, and adjust the water level to the highest setting. This will ensure the water flows through the fabric and not just around it.

Wash Towels in the Hottest Water Recommended for the Fabric

It is important to wash bath towels in the hottest water recommended for the fabric, not only to help sanitize the material, but also to help keep it soft. Read labels, and if necessary, add hot water before adding the bath towels and turning the dial to a cooler setting. This will help dissolve natural oil, bath oil, and any impurities that will ultimately clog the pores of the fabric.

Use the Extra Rinse Cycle and White Vinegar

Many people do not use the extra rinse cycle on their washing machine because they do not want to waste water and energy, but this setting comes in very handy when washing bath towels. When looking for ways to make bath towels soft again, add one-half cup of distilled white vinegar to the first rinse cycle. The vinegar will help make the fabric naturally soft, and it will help remove any leftover detergent or oil within the fibers. The last rinse cycle will get rid of the vinegar smell.

Do Not Use Fabric Softener

The biggest mistake people make when washing and drying bath towels is adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle or the dryer. It is designed to make fabric soft, but it eventually does just the opposite with towels. The fibers of the material ultimately become clogged with softener, and this reduces the absorbency and the soft cushiony feel. Use the white vinegar method of softening the fabric, and resist the urge to add softener. They will still smell clean and exceptionally fresh, even without the added perfumes and softening agents.

Place Tennis Balls in the Dryer

After following the aforementioned instructions for washing bath towels to make them soft again, make them even softer by placing clean tennis balls in the dryer. The tennis balls with gently pound the material to make it naturally soft, and they will help fluff it up during the drying process.

Use these great washing methods every time you wash bath towels to keep them soft and absorbent. When properly washed and dried they will remain looking and feeling soft and almost as good as new for many years to come.