Unique Ways to Decorate a Bedroom in a Dog Theme

Decorate a Bedroom in a Dog Theme

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. After all, dogs are forgiving, and they offer unconditional love and affection. Dogs are loyal and loving creatures. Their unique expressions are adorable, and their thick fur coats are absolutely irresistible to cuddle up to on cold winter nights. A love of dogs is why many people choose a dog theme when looking for unique ways to decorate a bedroom. The following unique and easy ideas will help you get started on decorating a bedroom that pays tribute to the loveable canine, and these simple ways to decorate in a dog theme are ideal for kids and adults alike.
Decorate with Paw Print Bedding

Unique bedding with a dog theme is difficult to find when looking for new ways to decorate a bedroom. Cartoon character dog bedding can be found, but cartoons are not always desirable when looking for unique ways to decorate. If cartoon characters are not the preferred bedding option, buy a comforter in a solid color, and decorate with painted doggy prints across the spread. Make a stamp using a sponge, or search for dog print stamps online. Use acrylic craft paint to stamp the prints toward the head of the bed. Once the paint dries, place a cute stuffed doggy on the pillow. It will look as if he was responsible for the paw prints, and it will add a fun and unique touch to the theme of the bedroom.

Use Plastic Dog Crates for Unique Bedroom Storage

When lacking dressers and chests for clothing storage, consider using medium-size plastic pet crates instead. They are stackable, and they will match the theme of the bedroom. Brand new crates are not exactly cheap, but they are cheaper than wood furnishings. In any case, they will provide affordable storage space, and best of all they will add to the unique theme of the bedroom. Stack the storage containers, and top them with a work of art depicting a canine, or select a lamp in a dog theme to illuminate and further decorate the space.

Decorate a Frame for a Favorite Doggy Photo

Photos are fabulous works of visual art, and photos of dogs are ideal when looking for ways to decorate a bedroom in a canine theme. Add a unique touch to any doggy photo with a unique decorated frame. Use bones covered in polyurethane or clear coat to decorate an ordinary wooden frame. Doggy bones are available in a rainbow of colors, and they will greatly add to the theme of the bedroom while framing a favorite photo.

Decorate with Adorable Stuffed Doggies in a Basket

When looking for ways to decorate a bedroom in a dog theme, no matter the breed of choice, consider adding a basket filled with adorable stuffed doggies. Select an actual dog basket complete with a cushion, and add realistic looking plush pets. A mother dog with pups is an excellent choice, but a single plush dog or two will greatly add to the bedroom theme. Select a few colorful dog toys to complete this fun and unique bedroom display.

Consider Adopting a Real Dog from a Local Humane Shelter

These are just some of the many unique ways to decorate a bedroom in a canine theme. Visit pet stores for additional inspiration, and consider adopting a real dog from a local humane shelter. A real dog resting comfortably on the end of the bed will definitely add to the theme of the bedroom. Most of all, adopting a real dog is a wonderful way to give a homeless animal a loving new place to live.